Assessment States

In neetoRunner, assessments have 3 states i.e, Draft, Published, and Completed.


When assessments are created, they would be in draft state. Once the assessment is configured i.e, setting of questions, timing details, proctoring details, etc, the user can publish the assessment.

The user can publish the assessment by visiting the publish tab in edit assessment. There he can find two ways to publish the assessment, either clicking the publish & proceed button or the publish button provided on top.


Once the assessment is published, a public link would be generated that would be shared with the invited candidates. If the assessment is timed, the public link would be shared only 30 mins before the assessment starts. Admin can move the assessment to draft state if he feels that the assessment needs to be modified and for that, he can either click on move to draft button in publish tab or move to draft button from the publish drop down on top.

If the assessment is untimed then the admin has the option to mark the assessment as completed, he can do so by clicking the mark as completed button provided in publish tab.


Once the assessment is completed, the user would get insights into the assessment. He can view it by visiting the insights tab. Users can download the candidate report by either clicking the download report button in the publish tab or clicking the download report option in the results tab.

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